Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Harvest

Another rainy day, which makes for a slow commute in. At least it gives me a chance to make a dent in my current podcast backlog, so it is not all bad.

I had an odd call, followed by email, from a recruitment consultant yesterday - the first in a couple of years. He asked if I was fed up with the commute to Leeds, but then sent me details of a job in Worksop which is actually more awkward to get to and not much closer. It was also for a firm of 'Global Security Consultants' which sounds faintly sinister, like something that the baddies out of the Bourne films would put in their fake passports. Hmmmm. Don't think I'll be following this one up, unless I really do get to be a international spy of some sort.

I've not been playing much Animal Crossing lately, due to a combination of Pacific Northwest horror and Wild West flavoured exploration. Oddly enough, my main activities in Red Dead Redemption seem to be collecting flowers, looking for rare creatures and digging up treasures which is almost exactly what I spend my time doing in Animal Crossing. Anyhoo, thanks to the magic of teh internets I co-ordinated a visit to my town from Mexico Will (who really does live in Mexico) and paid him a quick return call to swap fruit and deliver a letter. Great fun, and I shall make a point of opening my town gates more often if anybody else wants to play (Nancy? Stephanie?). Add Satsuma in Pogwood with a friend code of 3910-7665-5168 - just don't be surprised if your town residents pick up some unusual catchphrases.

In Big Brother news, I really enjoyed the Big Brother launch last night, so much so that I barely tweeted about it whilst it was on. I've not got my head around the names yet, but the disabled squaddie looks like a strong contender to make it to the end. The average age of the housemates is higher than before, and it seems that none of them are playing the "I'm amusingly thick, me!" card this year, which is a relief. The only one who really irritates me so far on first impressions is the funky monk and I think he's a safe bet for an early eviction. Good stuff.

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will said...

Highly successful visit, thank you. I now have coconut palms and pear trees growing. In even betterer news, got back to find that maria had been sent an apple! That is also planted, and once it bears fruit, expect to receive an apple in the post!

Of course, you have failed to mention the grass in Pogwood, which would be the real reason to visit. I don't think the grass was that lush anywhere in mariaroc, nor has it ever been!

I'm Will in mariaroc with a friend code 2708-5158-4899