Friday, June 11, 2010

Pinball Wizard

A slightly unpromising start to the day weather wise, but the sun peeked out after lunch allowing to get two lots of washing plus the dog's blanket out on the line and dry by six o'clock, as well as cutting the grass. It looks set fair for the weekend too, so it could well be barbecue weather tomorrow.

In games news, I picked up Pinball Dreams as a freebie from the app store yesterday and it was a real rush of nostalgia. I remember playing this on a friend's Amiga back in the day, and then a couple of years later on my first PC. I've also got an excellent port of it on GBA, which is pretty much a permanent inhabitant in my GBA-SP along with Mr Driller 2. It is as good as I remembered, with the added ability to tilt the table by shaking the iphone at the appropriate time. I'm tempted to get Pinball Fantasies as well, to get Stones and Bones which is probably mah favourite video game pinball table.

It's a real shame that pubs don't feature real pinball tables any more - there's something very evocative about the electro-mechanical sounds and effects, and that peculiar sharp crack when a ball skips off of the surface of the table and hits the glass. I know that they were a nightmare to maintain, and took up a lot of space, but they have a magic that video games can only hint at.

Anyhoo, it's Friday night which means Big Brother, beer and a spot of Red Dead Redemption on xbox. The weekend starts ... here!

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