Saturday, June 19, 2010

Luz y Sombra

A warm summer evening, a breeze blowing through the trees, the stench of the dog who has just rolled on a dead bird ... Oh dear. Time to reach for the dog shampoo and hose the reluctant hound down. Lovely. Still, we've survived a trip to Ikea today and it's nearly time for Doctor Who, so life is sweet.

I'm midway through the Blackwater missions on Red Dead Redemption now, so I changed into my elegant card-sharp's suit and then immediately found myself scaling a frozen mountain and shooting grizzly bears in the face. Probably not the most suitable attire. In contrast to most GTA games I find myself now wanting to get the story missions over so I can concentrate on the hunting and survival wilderness challenges, which are the most enjoyable parts of the game for me. Earlier on, I took a train journey from the far west of the map, down into Mexico and then up into the Great Plains district and was happy to sit and watch the landscape unfurl for the twenty minutes or so that it took. Magnificent.

Cubed Rally Racer continues to impress as well - I love the chip tune music and the instant restarts of races, which make it perfect for 'one more go' sessions that actually turn out to be '$hilariouslylargemadeupnumber goes'. For one brief heady moment, I was actually number 11 in the world on the Pasture track leaderboard, which is a fun game mode where the accelerator pedal is stuck and you just have to survive zooming down a track full of isometric cows for as long as possible.

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