Friday, June 18, 2010

Blood Makes Noise

A slightly chilly start to the day, more than made up for by a lovely sunny finish which I have just made the most of by walking the dog and having a potter in the garden.

Mind you, such domestication is not without its risks. I've just scraped a chunk out of my finger lifting the lawn mower out of the shed to cut the grass, and I have an impressively gory collection of scratches on my other arm too. It looks as if I've been self harming, but actually it was Doris who jumped onto my lap last night and then immediately started sharpening her claws on my arm before I could lift her off. Youch!

Inspired by my post about the 3DS yesterday, I fired up my DSi for the first time in a couple of months and realised that not only did I have some DS points on my account, there was actually a game I wanted to download called Tales in a Box. The game uses the camera to simulate a 3D perspective as you move the DSi around - the effect is easier to demonstrate than describe, I think. It's surprisingly tricky to spot some of the hidden shapes and then line up the cursor and click on the screen, but it's not bad for a downloadable game.

In other downloadable game news, That Rev Chap has inspired yet another App Store purchase, namely Cubed Rally Racer - an old-school mini-racer game with a wonderfully cute, isometric graphic style. It's very much a game for brief bursts of 'just one more' go style play, with a ferocious learning curve that really does pay off quite quickly when you get the hang of it.

Cubed Rally Racer on Twitpic

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