Saturday, June 05, 2010

Across the Alley from the Alamo

Another warm day, ending up being muggy and overcast. I'm about ready for the hot weather to break with a good bit of rain now, please and thank you. As if by magic, just as I typed those words the heavens have opened and a soft rain is now pattering on the patio. Perfect.

It's a good job we had our barbecue last night, even though Jamie managed to invite three of his friends without letting us know in advance. We had just enough sausages and burgers to feed them all in the end, and they were polite company as the dusk fell.

In games news, I played quite a few of the story missions in RDR this afternoon and a fine selection they were too, including a memorable ride in a mine cart taking potshots at the bad guys as I rattled along the track. I also did a spot of hunting down by the Rio Bravo and managed to get my favourite hoss eaten by a cougar, and not the Courtney Cox kind either.

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