Monday, April 05, 2010

Way down in the hole

A typical British bank holiday - a spot of rain followed by some blustery winds and a bit of sunshine. Can't complain too much, I suppose, particularly as I've booked tomorrow off as a holiday as well.

I've managed to complete three out of four questions on my M150 TMA now, including one about the cryptography module that I mentioned the other day. I've had fun this afternoon playing with Vigenère ciphers and explaining the weaknesses of the Caesar cipher to attack by frequency analysis. Aces.

Less ace was the job that I have to do every couple of months of shoveling the undigested residue out of the dog loo. I can exclusively report that shit off a shovel really does fly like, er, shit off a shovel. At least the wind was blowing so the smell wasn't too overpowering.

Last night we decided to show due reverence to the story of Jesus' resurrection by watching 'Zombieland' which was excellent fun and provided lots of handy hints for surviving a zombie apocalypse. It's really just total wish fulfillment for people who are secretly looking forward to said apocalypse so that they can have fun killing zombies in a variety of inventive ways. Recommended, but gory though, so probably not one to watch while you are eating.

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