Monday, March 29, 2010

Slippery People

Cold and rainy this morning, and something of a shock to the system to be getting up in the dark again, but it wasn't too long before it brightened up a little outside and I'll happily swap that for the extra hour of light in the evening.

I thought that I'd reached my limit of outrage about the Catholic church, but the Pope has just pushed it up another notch by dismissing reports of the covering up of child rape as "petty gossip". The next time that somebody tells me that morality is only possible within religion I will shove those stinking, mealy mouthed words of the Pope down their throats. As far as I am concerned, *all* religions are whitened sepulchers filled with loathsome decay. That is not to say that there aren't good people who also happen to be religious, but they seem to be an increasingly rare breed, and by associating themselves with the vile public expressions of religions like Christianity and Islam they lose any shred of decency they may possess. Sorry, rant over for now.

In slightly happier news, I've spent a bit more time playing Assassin's Creed II, reaching a gloriously daft mission where you get to fly Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machine across Venice, kicking archers off of roof tops and then swooping back to land inside the Palazzo Ducale. This could very well be up there with my other top gaming moments including the casino heist from San Andreas and the end of Bioshock. Aces.

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Nancy said...

Yeah, I heard the "petty gossip" comment on the news this morning. Shocking and disgusting.