Friday, March 19, 2010

Bubbles in my beer

This week seems to have dragged on more than usual, one way and another, and it has left me feeling somewhat drained. At least today was a work at home day, with a bit of a lie in and a chance to recover from driving yesterday. The day started promisingly enough with blue skies and sunshine, but clouded over later on and turned a bit gloomy. Still, it's only one more week till the clocks go back and I get back the hour of daylight in the evenings that I have been missing.

In games news, I did manage to find my copy of Mr Driller 2 for GBA as well as Drill Spirits on the DS. I was pleased to note that my GBA SP still had some charge in it, despite not being used for a couple of years as far as I can recall. It's still an excellent form factor for a games machine, even if the screen isn't as bright as the DS Phat that I also found this lunchtime. I have a hankering for a GBA-mini as I've heard very positive things about them - can they still be got, I wonder. I've also just totted up the other versions of Mr Driller that I've got on other formats and remembered that I've also got it on Xbox Live and a Mame rom somewhere, as well as on my iPhone. I do like this game. A lot.

Mr Driller on Twitpic

Friday night approacheth, with a glass of wine and a Meantime wheat beer to go with the pizza later - enjoy!

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