Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Sun Always Shines on TV

Another miserable grey day, and according to the weather forecast we are due a full week of snow over the next five days. Oh joy.

Still, the now usual Sunday breakfast of mushrooms and hot, buttered crumpets set me up nicely for the day, and in a slight change of plan I decided to crack on with my TMA 03 for T175 instead of M150, as that is the one that is due first.

One question in particular grabbed my attention, which was to investigate the response of ISPs to the rapid growth in online streaming of TV programmes, with the BBCs iPlayer being the largest contributor. Apparently it now contributes to over 7% of total net traffic after its launch three years ago, and a substantial part of that demand is during prime time in the evenings when people are wanting to watch tv. Interesting stuff, and a real challenge for both ISPs and the infrastructure of the internet itself as people who have subscribed to 'unlimited' packages suddenly wonder why they are being limited when all they want to do is watch an old episode of EastEnders or something.

For thems that are interested, the excellent Simon Singh will be giving a talk at the Lescar tomorrow at 6:30pm about the evidence for and against alternative medicine. Should be very interesting - details at the Facebook page or at the usual website.

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