Friday, February 26, 2010

Six in the morning

Work at home Friday, so the miserable rainy weather outside can go boil it's anthropomorphic head as far as I'm concerned. Another disturbed night again, waking up at half four feeling like my arms and legs had been pummeled with iron bars, but I managed to nod off back to sleep again before too long.

I actually managed to connect onto the customer site this afternoon (see yesterday) and cleared six items off of the list of outstanding issues leaving only $hilariously_large_made_up_number to sort out next week. Not bad going, I reckon.

The unwelcome news today was a report in the Times that the BBC are going to be axing Six Music as part of swingeing cutbacks seemingly designed to make Rupert Murdoch happy. I might not listen to a great deal of Six's output, but it's surely exactly what the BBC should be doing. It plays a huge and diverse range of music, gives coverage to new bands and also has shows like Adam & Joe and Collins & Herring that regularly top the podcast charts. No commercial station does anything remotely similar, so it can't be said to crowding out the competition by any stretch of the imagination. It runs on a shoestring, financially speaking, so it is not going to save a huge amount of money compared to the salaries of the top execs and stars like Wossy and Brucie. Short sighted and stupid.

Anyhoo, tis Friday night which means a Mojito is on the way, followed by BEER and PIZZA and maybe an episode of Black Books or two from out of the box set that we picked up cheaply today.

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