Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Frosty and foggy this morning, or froggy if you prefer, and it persisted through most of the day too, hiding the tops of the tall office buildings nearby.

I enjoyed the Festivale games in Animal Crossing, although I only managed to collect four items of Pave furniture including two clocks and two closets which was not tremendously helpful. It seems a tough challenge to collect enough candy from the games of the right colours to get a complete set. You can't even put the candy down anywhere without it getting covered with ants too. Hmmm.

On the telly, we've been enjoying two excellent documentary series. How Earth Made Us looks at the way natural phenomena have shaped civilisations that have developed to take advantage of things like metals found near geological fault lines or trade winds that open up oceans for navigation. Educational and certainly full of the wow gosh factor at things like the crystal cave.

The other one is Dr Aleks Krotoski's 'Virtual Revolution' about the growth of the web from the very earliest days of ARPANET up to the present day, looking at things like social networks, privacy, copyright and the web as a force for social change (both positive and negative). This fits perfectly with the stuff that I am studying at the moment, and in fact the series is a joint production with the OU and the BBC. This really is what a public service broadcaster is for, and well worth the licence fee.


Nancy said...

I really want to see the Crystal Cave in that documentary. Is it on tv right now? I hope it'll make it to Netflix eventually.

neil h said...

There's a clip of it on youtube here - if you are able to get to BBC iplayer then the whole series is on there and well worth watching.