Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You haul sixteen tons, whadaya get?

It was probably tempting fate, but when the sun poked it's face through the clouds at lunch time I ventured out onto the driveway armed with a shovel and a broom to clear some snow.

The first task was knocking the six inches or so of snow off of both of the cars, followed by shoveling that into heaps on either side and finally brushing a nice, tidy path down the middle. I had just about finished when the clouds descended again and gave us another blast of snow to cover over the area I had just cleared.

Typical - it was nice and sunny when I started clearing the p... on Twitpic

That car windscreen was clear five minutes earlier. Sigh.

I managed a reasonable amount of work again, including an epic 90 minute phone conference to talk about development issues with our web app. I used up half the charge on my phone and probably fried my brain into the process, but thems the breaks.

Before it got too dark we went for a walk in the woods with a very excitable doggy who kept trying to burrow into snow that was nearly covering him. It was hard going slogging through calf high drifts that were up to the top of my welly boots, but it was worth it for the stunningly eerie landscape in the woods with trees and holly bushes loaded down with snow. These pictures should give you an idea of what the garden looks like now.

Snow in the garden today - heaviest I've seen it for years on Twitpic

... and another snow pic on Twitpic

I like the way the chiminea has grown a rather fetching little cap of snow!

I then had another go at clearing the drive again in the rapidly falling dusk and sub-zero temperatures with the result that I am now knackered. I really need to try to get into the office tomorrow - I may be some time ...