Friday, January 22, 2010

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Weather : wet, but that's not really a surprise. It's been chucking it down with rain for most of the day, and I was surprised to see some piles of snow dotted around the paths, still stubbornly refusing to melt, as I dodged the showers and took the dog for his statutory two walkies.

Not a huge amount to report today, being a work at home day and all. I managed to get a reasonable amount done, with only one question from the software testing team to field in the afternoon. I did have to chivvy number one daughter to pay her rent, after she didn't check that her loan money had gone into the right account to pay her hall fees. I think that she's learnt her lesson though, after getting a nasty letter from the bank.

What else?

I reached level 60 Shadowy in Echo Bazaar, after a couple of days of playing the last few story missions in Spite. I've also unlocked all of the other hidden areas, so it's back to Watchmaker's Hill to work on my Dangerous qualities instead.

I hereby declare Friday night ... open!

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