Saturday, January 16, 2010


The rain has mostly washed away the remaining snow now, leaving only the grubby heaps of shovelled ice dotted with grit.

It's too wet to walk through the field so I went round the path with the dog twice today. Hopefully it will dry out if we get a bit of sunshine at some point. I really hope so, because the current grey, wet weather is not at all pleasant.

It's Saturday today, so that means pretty much all OU work, all the time. After giving a final read through and submitting my M150 TMA, I made a start on T175 Block 3 which looks like something I'm really going to enjoy with some stuff about digital technologies in entertainment media including video games like the original Wolfenstein. This is the half way point in the course and looking back, we really have covered a lot of ground - it's definitely value for money.

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