Saturday, January 02, 2010

Night and Day

Well, Doctor Who last night was a bit of a mixed bag.

The good bits were any scene with Wilf and the Doctor talking, the bad was all of the running around and the shooting down missiles stuff ripped off Star Wars and the ugly was the business with the radiation cabinets and the gun malarky which made no sense whatsoever. The final fifteen minutes just about made up for it though, I reckon. Roll on Spring 2010 and the Moffat years!

I finally managed to get the online chat organised for my T175 course today. Unfortunately, only one other person turned up but we still managed to spend an hour discussing the question "Are virtual worlds replacing the real one?", ranging from Second Life to World of Warcraft plagues, via Farm games on Facebook and the estimated $5bn virtual economy. Interesting stuff, and it allowed me to finish the final section of my TMA document. I'll do my usual trick of leaving it for a day or two before proof reading a submishing it, I think.

Finally, a bit more Assassin's Creed II in which I am now riding around the Tuscan countryside finding treasures in old farms and Roman ruins. I particularly like the bits where you climb up to a viewpoint and take in a panoramic view of the surroundings before taking a high dive into a conveniently located haystack below.

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Nancy said...

So how did you answer the question about virtual worlds replacing the real one?