Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keep taking the tablets

Light cloud, with glimpses of blue sky and even a much appreciated spot of sunshine today, but still nippy though.

It does seem to make a huge difference to the journey time when the roads are dry and clear. It's still a bit slow around the junction with the M62 but at least the traffic flows relatively smoothly rather than being stop-start.

Some more thoughts on the iPad - it is slightly unfair to see it as version 1.0, I think. It seems to me that it is building on the experience of the iPhone in the way that the interface works, and it looks as if it has sufficient processing power to make everything run smoothly whilst still maintaining a ten hour battery life. It goes without saying that on top of the app store and iTunes, the book store will be a major attraction, as long as they don't try to jack up the prices for the European market as Amazon did with the Kindle.

Another point that I was pondering was the complaints about the lack of support for Flash in the browser. The major use of Flash on the web is for embedded video and there are much better ways of supporting that with HTML 5. Apart from games, the other main use of Flash is for animated gewgaws and adverts that just serve to make web pages clunky and irritating. As Safari on the iPhone has shown, it doesn't take much thought to make web pages attractive and functional at the same time. Also, simple Google ads generate more click throughs than intrusive pop ups and banners. The iPad is certain to sell in sufficient numbers to be a major influence in web design and use in years to come.

Apple really are going to be in this for the long haul. Future versions will likely have cameras and more memory and who knows what else, but this is a lovely product right now.

Do want.

In other iPad news you may also be interested in an alternative product called the ePad, and the definitive preview video is here:

The iPad - watch more funny videos

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