Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where's Captain Kirk?

It was the long awaited semi-final of the X-Factor on telly last night, so of course we watched Star Trek courtesy of Mr Lovefilm and jolly good it was too.

I'm normally a bit wary of big screen blockbuster versions of old tv series, as they pretty much inevitably end up being rather disappointing and shallow, but this version of the classic Star Trek story struck the right balance between nostalgia and telling an interesting story in its own right. There were plenty of moments to make fans of the original smile as well as some stunning action sequences (although I still prefer the more deliberately paced space battles rather than throwing the Enterprise around like an X-Wing). The whole time-travel paradox story is a little bit convoluted, but at least it sets things up for future sequels without having to worry about 40 odd years of Star Trek continuity.

In Animal Crossing news, the snow is finally here and I managed to make my first perfect snowman yesterday and so received a snowman telly in the mail this morning. I quite fancy seeing if I can collect a whole range of snowman furniture this year, which I never quite managed in Wild World. I need a change from the mushroom theme in any case.

Minigore kill count : 23780

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