Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before ...

A heavy fall of snow turned the world even whiter than it was before. The only problem was that Daisy the kitten didn't come in for her breakfast first thing which is most unusual for her. I took Barney for a walk to go and look for her with no joy. I was starting to panic by this point and thinking about posting a missing cat notice on Sheffield Forum when I was struck by inspiration. All it took was for me to shake her food tub outside the back door when, as if by magic, she reappeared.

She's back! :-) on Twitpic


In other somewhat disappointing news, my main light box has gone on the blink. Fortunately I have my back-up Lumie one to keep me going until I can get it fixed. It should still be under warranty, so there should be no problem in getting a replacement tube or whatever it is.

Pork pie, pickles and prosciutto for tea tonight!

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Lois Lindemann (three-legged-cat) said...

Glad she's back!

I share your relief - a friend visited with her two small sons today. They didn't go near our Ginger Cat, but he still panicked and headed for the hills. Hours later, I was fretting about our poor scared cat, out in the snow - but he had already sneaked in, I found him curled up asleep on our bed.