Friday, September 18, 2009

Well, even allowing for waking up at half past four I feel quite a bit better today.

I've been working at home which meant that I didn't have to rush quite so much in the morning, and even better my light box turned up in a delivery van mid morning. I unpacked it and plugged it in to try it out and it certainly kicks out a healthy dose of light. My current plan is to use it on gloomy days when I am working at home and for an hour or so in the evenings to reset my body clock from unwinding as soon as it gets dark. I'll be starting my OU studies in a couple of weeks and I think it will definitely help to have it next to me on the desk upstairs.

My light box has arrived - hurrah! It's like sitting next to ... on Twitpic

Looking at my sleep diary it seems that I have been averaging about six hours of sleep, but I think if I can postpone falling asleep at night time until sometime around half past eleven that will give me a better stretch of uninterrupted sleep until I get up when the alarm goes off at six.

In journalist news, I wrote back to the chap in question expressing the mixed feelings that his email evoked in me, but I've provisionally agreed to be quoted (it's actually for a book rather than a newspaper article) with the condition that he also includes my feelings on the matter as they stand now, with the benefit of hindsight. I promise to be less cryptic when I hear back from him.

In games news, Call of Juarez continues to be good, with a mission that involved hiding in a burning cornfield picking off Union soldiers that were hunting me down and then later on sinking a riverboat with a captured cannon. Yee ha! One particularly nice touch was when I was hunkered down in some foliage trying to get a bead on a yankee blue coat and I noticed that a colourful butterfly had flitted down and perched on the barrel of my rifle.

Also, that very bad man TheRev with his thoughtless recommendations has talked me into lashing out the extravagant sum of 59p for Geodefense : Swarm just after I managed to finish the final level of the first game. It changes the formula slightly from a fixed path tower defence game into a free roaming one which will present a whole different set of possibilities. Excellent stuff.

Podcast of the day was the ever reliable Collings and Herrin being particularly amusing in a highly juvenile way on the subject of an old tv show called Ask Aspel. There's a charming picture of the duo playing the Beatles Rock Band game at the above link too.

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