Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daily Post - Wednesday

Well, I can exclusively report that the new Macbook Pro is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Even opening the box to unboxen it is a delightful experience and setting it all up was a breeze. I used a program called ‘Pod to Mac’ to copy the music off of my iPhone and into the new itunes library and then it all re-synced seamlessly with all of my applications being present and correct. I need to a little bit of organizational work on my iPhoto pictures, but there’s no great hurry for that – the new version of iPhoto has all sorts of clever bells and whistles compared to the version I had previously.

What else? The new multi-touch touchpad will take a little bit of getting used to, but the overall feel is very much like using the iPhone screen interface so I don’t think that that will take too long. The aluminium case feels reassuringly solid and the screen is amazingly vibrant. I need to set up our iomega external drive as a time machine backup at some point which will involve updating the firmware so I might leave that until the weekend.

The other exciting thing today was the delivery of a big box of goodies from the Open University for my course. I’ve also got an introductory day in Leeds on Saturday which should be fun.

Podcast of the day was Collings and Herrin recorded in Richard's car on the way to Cheddar, which I listened to on the way home from Leeds for added synchronicity. Quite strange hearing the car noises on the podcast as well as in real life.

Sleep wise, I slept through until the alarm went off again this morning, and in fact I could have done with an extra hour asleep, I reckon. I’m still feeling tired but it does feel like I have turned some sort of metaphorical corner. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I’ll go with the positive interpretation I think.

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Gilder said...

I also listened to the driven Collings and Herrin whilst driving and it is indeed a strange phenomenon to have the whirr of the car continuing even at a red light.