Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Daily Post - Wednesday

Last night, or should I say early this morning, I awoke from a nightmare in a cold sweat. It was a short but vivid dream - I was handed the telephone to receive some bad news at which point I fainted in the dream from the shock and woke up in reality. I was awake from about half past three until five when I dozed fitfully before waking up before the alarm as usual.

I think it's probably a combination of factors - worrying about my mum having an operation today, the prospect of Alicia leaving home for university on Saturday and testing crunch at work - as well as this fatigue thing which is preying on my mind. At least my mum's operation seems to have gone ok, she's back on the ward and my dad will be going to see her tomorrow.

It's miserable and wet outside now, but I've just made myself the first cappuccino that I've had in ages. I think we might need to invest in a bottle of gingerbread syrup for comfort drinks as the nights draw in.

In iPhone apps news, I was tempted by Mr Driller but I still don't think that you can beat Mr Driller 2 on the GBA as the best version of the game. I also tried out the free version of Deer Hunter 3D, which is not a Vietnam based Russian roulette simulator but is actually a stalking through the woods shooting cuddly animals game. I know this genre of game is hugely popular with people whose necks are a certain colour, but it doesn't really appeal to me - I like sniping in FPS games, but when the target that you are sniping at is just standing around in the woods eating grass it takes the challenge out of the exercise. The shooting at squirrels with a BB gun level was probably the most fun part of the thing.

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