Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Post - Tuesday

Today, I am happy to report, was a *much* better day.

I went to bed just before eleven last night and, barring one brief period of wakefulness at two ish, I slept through until the alarm went off at six. I still felt tired, but I think that is more likely to be the after effects of the bug than anything else.

The light box is definitely helping in that I haven't fallen asleep watching telly for four nights in a row now, which is a definite bonus because I am really enjoying the second season of True Blood at the moment. I also enjoyed the sun today and I've just been out for a very pleasant walk in the woods listening to my podcast of the day - Confessions of a Crap Artist which was a superbly produced and utterly fascinating documentary about Phillip K Dick. Did he really find God one day in 1974, when suffering from writers block, paranoia about an IRS audit and a lack of pain killers for an impacted tooth?

Cows in the field at the edge of the woods on Twitpic

The really positive news is that the hard drive on my Macbook is covered under warranty so they will repair it for free. Even better news though is that my mum has sent me some money to go towards my OU course so we have decided to put it toward a new Macbook Pro which I can get with a handy discount as a higher education student.

Expect unboxening twitters later on ... :-)


Nancy said...

Okay, what's OU, what is your course, and how did I miss that you're a college student (or grad student?) these days? Maybe it's all the keggers that are affecting your sleep. Party on, dude.

neil h said...

OU is the Open University where you can do a huge variety of courses through home study. If you've ever seen the film 'Educating Rita' that's what the main character was doing.

neil h said...

Oh, and my keggers tend to be limited to one can of beer in front of the telly ... :-)