Thursday, September 03, 2009

Daily Post - Thursday

I slept through until a quarter past five this morning, and I think that I would have slept longer if it hadn't been for the howling wind and rain hammering against the windows. When I went downstairs at six, even the dog wasn't keen on going out and, after a quick dash to the lawn and back, was quite happy to get back in his basket.

The journey in was a bit of a grind - increased volume of traffic after the summer hols combined with the rain slowing things down, and then to complete the joy a five car shunt on the busiest section of the motorway at the junction with the M62. I annoys me that the reaction of most drivers to wet roads and heavy traffic is to bunch up closer, leading to inevitable accidents when somebody in the queue brakes suddenly. How does driving so close get you to your destination any quicker? If somebody is tailgating me, the first thing that I do is slow down until the distance they are following at becomes safe for the speed - for some reason this really annoys some people ...

Podcast of the day is the first part of the live Perfect Ten from Edinburgh with Messrs Jupitus and Wilding in fine form, as usual, with hardly any mention of wanking (for once). Coincidentally, the perfect length for an otherwise dull car journey from Sheffield to Leeds.

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