Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daily Post - Sunday

A glorious sunny day, with just a hint of Autumn crispness in the air.

We went over to Huddersfield for a couple of hours, to take a few bits and pieces to Alicia and to listen to an information session for parents at the University. It really is a lovely place (at least when the sun is shining!) with a good location beside the canal and views of wooded countryside, and I think Alicia is going to enjoy her time there. She seems to have settled in well, and apart from a few wobbles about all of the details of registering for her course next week, is quite happy.

Glorious Autumn day on the way to Huddersfield on Twitpic

The drive over is very scenic - Yorkshire countryside with signs of technology old and new. There's a grand Victorian era viaduct on the way and a high tech windfarm perched on top a ridge (you can just make out the turbines in the photo above that I took from the car window). Towering over it all is the needle like Emley Moor transmitter tower - a spectacular sight on a clear day like today.

The light box seems to be having a positive effect already, giving me a noticeable boost in the evenings. I am still waking up early but hopefully this will alter with time. We shall see.

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