Sunday, September 06, 2009

Daily Post - Sunday

It was a bit strange waking up this morning and walking into Alicia's room - empty not only of her, but of all of the usual clutter and chaos. Frank the cat took full advantage of the chair being free of the usual pile of clothes to make himself comfy for the day.

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Judging by a phone call and a chat via Facebook, Alicia sounds like she's having fun, so I guess that I've just got to let her get on with it now and stop worrying.

In iPhone news, we went for a mooch around Meadowhall today and I picked up a new silicone case for my phone which is much nicer than the one I had before. There were some very nice Italian leather cases in the Apple Store, but for £45 you could buy an awful lot of apps ...

Talking of apps, I downloaded Orbital on the recommendation of ThatRevChap (who writes an excellent games blog here). It's a classic one button game which is a bit like shove-ha'penny but with exploding ha'pennies, gravity space warps and the sort of presentation that makes Geometry Wars look subdued. It is just right mix of being infuriatingly tricky and completely addictive. Well worth 59 of your Earth pennies, I would say.

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