Monday, September 21, 2009

Daily Post - Monday

All in all, a pretty rubbish day.

I woke up at about half past twelve with stomach cramps and ominous rumblings and I just made it to the loo in time, where I stayed for most of the night. I'll spare you the grisly details but it wasn't a great deal of fun. The only positive point was that spending half the night on the loo with only your iPhone for company is a marvelous way of improving your geoDefense scores - just check my tweets from around half past four this morning ...

Suffice it to say that I wasn't really in any fit state to drive to Leeds today so I worked at home instead. I felt a bit better by mid day and managed a slice of toast and some peppermint tea, and then had another doze at lunchtime and whatever bug it was seems to have worked its way through my system. I'm suspecting the chicken mayo sandwich filler I had for lunch yesterday as a possible culprit, but who can say.

The second rubbish thing happened about halfway through typing the first draft of the second sentence of this post. My mac froze with the hard drive making worrying noises and then it refused to boot up. Booting off the DVD and running the disk utility confirmed the diagnosis of a knackered hard drive. Fortunately everything is backed up in various places on the network or online, and I should be able to restore my iTunes and photo library from my iPhone without having to recreate them from scratch. Jan has offered to take it into the Apple Store tomorrow to see what they say, but I'm pretty much resigned to it needing a new disk.

Oh well.


Nancy said...

Rubbish indeed. So sorry to hear about the Mac. :-( Hope tomorrow is a much better day.

neil h said...

Thanks Nancy - today was a much better day, indeed!