Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Post - Friday

Some positive news from the land of Nod at last. I went to bed at a quarter past eleven last night and slept through until half past six this morning, waking up just once and then nodding off again to a very strange dream with Davina McCall presenting oiled up, naked muscle men to a cheering crowd and then mocking their tiny penises. Hmmm, not sure about the subtext on that one.

Anyhoo, here's the graph from my sleep diary app with the line nudging into the green for once.

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A day working at home with an opportunity to tidy up some odd bits of work has helped too, and I also managed to unblock a sink that has been gunged up for a while and cut the grass which counts towards my domestic jobs for the day. It's been sunny and warm as well, and promises to stay so for the weekend so it's BBQ time tomorrow night.

I'm enjoying watching the first season of True Blood, even if I do keep nodding off ten minutes before the end of each episode necessitating a catch up the following day. It's surprisingly strong stuff and I suspect that it will be heavily cut when it finally gets shown on British telly, unless they put it on in the graveyard slot (ho, ho, I am satirical). I remember when Channel 4 started showing Angel, they thought that it was suitable for putting on at six o'clock in the evening and ended up having to hack ten minutes out of each episode.

No podcast listening today, but I'll just put in a favourable mention for the new Genius mixes in itunes 9. I'm listening to my Electronica/Dance mix and it's dug out some old favourites and ones I haven't heard in ages - Rogue Traders, Hernan Cattaneo, William Orbit and Muse - aces!


Luffer said...

What app is that and how does it work?

neil h said...

It's called 'Sleep Diary' - you fill it in and it keeps a record of when you fall asleep, when you wake up and various other things, and then it gives you a handy graph of just how much of an insomniac you are.