Friday, September 04, 2009

Daily Post - Friday

Awake at 3 AM (eternal) again.

After an hour or so I drifted off again into fitful vivid dreams, including the first that I can remember involving my iPhone. I was driving in Leeds and somehow got lost, taking a wrong turning into what looked like a pedestrianised precinct. As I drove slowly along the street trying to get my bearings a thick mist descended and then I noticed a large hotel off to my left. In front of the hotel was what looked like a taxi rank, with a queue of old fashioned horse and carriage vehicles with drivers in Victorian dress. I switched my car to electric mode so as not to frighten the horses and then got my iPhone out to take a picture of the carriages in the swirling mist thinking how atmospheric it all looked. Very strange.

At least it was sunny this morning, giving me a chance to get out into the blustery woods for a quick walk with the dog and I didn't feel too bad by the time I'd had a cup of tea and a shower. An easy drive into work (compared with yesterday), but I was really flagging by mid-morning necessitating by-passing the usual cheese and onion pastie and going straight for the nuclear option of a full blown bacon sarnie. Nom nom nom.

The rest of the day was spent stepping through a particularly crufty bit of payroll code from before the dawn of time, that sort of works but breaks for particular test cases. I fixed one obvious bug in the date calculation routine only to find that the original programmer had also noticed the bug but had fixed it by adding a day on further down in an obscure bit of sql code. Cue heavy sigh.

Podcast of the day was Collings and Herrin back on form after their rather subdued interim podcast last week. Is there anybody reading this out there who doesn't follow these two on a regular basis? Ah well, I'll keep plugging them anyway.

And now, it's Friday night!


Anonymous said...

Keep plugging. I'm really bad at following Richard Herrin. However, every fourth time you mention him I visit his site, catch up on the news, and then instantly forget...until the fourth time you mention him.

neil h said...

The five Edinburgh podcasts are must listens - just subscribe in iTunes and you'll get them automagically.