Friday, August 07, 2009


That's 'Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday' if you haven't heard the acronym before.

I was woken up by heavy rain outside at about half past five this morning but fortunately it had eased off by the time I went out with the dog an hour later. I'm getting the hang of using my iPhone for music and audiobooks now - the earphones come with a nifty inline remote control which allows you to adjust the volume, pause, skip tracks and also if you hold down the button control use a reasonably effective voice control to choose which tracks to play. It can be a bit random sometimes but saying 'Genius' triggers the genius playlist feature which usually plays an interesting selection.

A bit of creative hackery on the iPhone skin now allows me to plug my FM transmitter in when I'm in the car. It's not quite so easy to use the controls by touch as it was with the click wheel on the nano, but I'm usually listening to podcasts or an audiobook so I've no need to touch it once I have set it playing. Talking of audiobooks, I am a third of the way through an excellent reading of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' which I haven't read before and am enjoying immensely. I feel a season of great American classics coming on.

Work was a bit frustrating waiting for my opposite number on the consulting team to test some work I had done before committing it back into the main code stream. She swore blind that it wasn't working on her system until I went over and had a look at which point it was all fine. Hmmm. I know that Subversion can be a bit - idiosyncratic - at times, but switching bug branches usually works with no problems. My immediate boss is on holiday next week, so I'm hoping for no major problems on any of the client sites.

Back home now to glorious sunshine and the promise of a good weekend. The builders have packed up for the next two days, so we've got the house to ourselves. I've given the lawn a quick run over with the mower, so a BBQ may well be on the cards tomorrow.

Time for a mojito and a bit of a Godel, Escher, Bach lecture, methinks ...

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Nancy said...

To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all time favorites. And the movie with Gregory Peck is worth watching, too!