Thursday, August 06, 2009

I aten't dead yet

Well, I went to the doctor's today to follow up on the tests I had the other week.

The good news is that they all came back ok, so I haven't got any nasty lurking diseases or anything. The bad news is that I am still feeling very low on energy and it doesn't seem that there is much I can do about it. The doctor said it was possibly some sort of post viral fatigue syndrome or something, and that all I can do is to try to gradually build up the levels of activity that I can do again and see what happens.

I've also not been writing much on here for various reasons - partly not wanting to winge about feeling rubbish and partly just being too tired to put fingers to keyboard when I get home, but I think I need to get back into the habit if only to log things for my own satisfaction. It's occasionally quite interesting and useful to look back to see what I was doing at various times over the last umpty tum years that I have been blogging for, and things like twitter and facebook are too ephemeral to serve as any sort of record.

It was quite strange being twitterless this afternoon during the great twitter downtime. I've been on there long enough to remember the days of the original mobile service and the original fail whale, but it is only really since getting my iPhone last week that I've felt so connected to it. I'm really looking forward to the next twitter comedy gig on the 19th of August - the first one was great fun.

In other news, we are in the middle of having the kitchen refurbished - new doors on the units, a new hob, sink and dishwasher, a new floor and a new layout for the worktop to give more room for a table. It's about half done now, so at least we can eat in the kitchen instead of camping out in the lounge. It's all been a bit stressful having various workmen coming and going - more so for Jan than me, because I'm usually out at work during the day. It should all be done by next week and I've got a week off after that too which I'm looking forward to.

Given that it has been quite a stressful time recently, I think that Richard Wiseman's happiness experiment has been helping. My exercise has been to find at least one positive thing a day to focus on and I think my happy thing for today is going to be the pie that I can smell cooking in the oven. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Eeeek! In theory it is always good when they don't find anything wrong...except, of course, when there is something wrong.

Hope you are back on your feet and bouncing around soon. Are you keeping up with your Wii Fit?

Nancy said...

Hi! I'm glad to see an update - maybe you'll inspire me to get back into the blogging habit, too - and sorry to hear you haven't been well. I hope your energy comes back soon. I've been reacquainting myself with the Wii Fit this past month. Actually, I was having problems with low energy and sleepiness - turned out sleep apnea was the culprit. Now that I'm sleeping regularly with the CPAP machine, I'm wide awake all day.

Helly said...

Yay for the clean bill of health! This pleases me.