Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daily Post - Tuesday

Well, I'm tired again.

If a week off work had any effect in recharging my batteries, then getting back onto the treadmill of work has run them down again pretty quickly. I fell asleep half way through watching 'True Blood' last night - I enjoyed what I did watch though, an intriguingly different take on the vampire mythos, I think.

I woke up feeling achy this morning and I also seem to have developed an irritating twitch in my leg muscles. It's feels like I have been over exercising, to the point of exhaustion, but I certainly haven't been. I'll have to see if I adjust back to getting up for work, otherwise it might be back to the docs again.

Enough with the winging already! Work today was quite enjoyable, against my better expectations. It was our divisional team meeting with the usual 'fun' games and challenges, although given the events of our last but one meeting I asked if we would be playing the 'Avoid getting made redundant' challenge this time.

My contribution was a presentation on re-engineering our bug fixing process, complete with added Lolcats for illustration. I am pleased to report that I kept the number of slides in my PowerPoint presentation to a bare minimum with no more than three or four bullet points per slide. Other plus points of the day included sweeties on the tables and a decent buffet lunch with mini white chocolate eclairs for afters. Yum. Our team also got the most points in the team challenge and I won a Star Wars Goody Bag for my part.

Home now to a nice cup of coffee and a chance to put my quivering legs up.

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