Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daily Post - Tuesday

Seeing as how this week is a holiday we splashed out on a Chinese meal yesterday evening, ordered over the internet from Hong Kong Takeaway. I can certainly recommend the salt and pepper squid and the salt and pepper king prawns. Yum.

The meal was followed by the utterly incomprehensible film-of-the-game 'Doom'. The original game had a lone space marine fighting demons from hell in a base on Phobos. The movie had a squad of marines fighting genetically modified monsters from Martian pre-history or something, but it was strangely enjoyable nonetheless even if the scenes of marines running up and down corridors had be wondering where the mini map was, and an extended sequence shot from the classic first person perspective had my trigger finger twitching.

I slept a bit better last night, the after effects of the chilli on the salt and pepper squid notwithstanding, and managed another half hour on Wii Fit this morning too. The vile job for the day was to clean out the drain by the kitchen door which was a little on the - shall we say, fragrant - side. I scooped out half a washing up bowl of grey gunk and an unfortunate dead mouse that looked a little bit like a miniature version of the pinky demon from off of Doom. Yuk.

In lieu of a podcast today, I've been following the comedian Mark Watson's 24 Hour Show in Edinburgh via Twitter and a website. So far today we've tried to persuade the world that the UK is in the wrong time zone, written slash fiction and posted various photographs. Worth following as a warm up for the Twitcom 2 gig tomorrow.

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