Monday, August 31, 2009

Daily Post - Monday

It's been rather muggy today - not sunny, but overcast and humid, although that has finally broken with a bit of rain and some fresher air blowing through.

Not a huge deal to report today - the perils of committing to a daily blog mean that a lazy bank holiday is going to be a bit thin content wise. I fell asleep on the sofa last night and then really struggled to drag myself upstairs to bed. I woke up early again, and my sleep diary app is showing an average of six hours sleep per night at the moment which is not really enough. I think I'll keep track for another couple of weeks and then maybe go back to the docs - apparently disturbed sleep is one of the associated symptoms of fatigue syndrome. We shall see.

Today has been lazy, really. A game of Sudoku (14:46 on Medium), a couple of hours reading Blue Mars (getting near the end now), two walks with the dog, and a re-listen to the last Collings & Herrin live podcast (number 79, if you are keeping count). Very funny indeed, particularly Richard Herring's not libellous in any way assertion that Woody Allen is a either a bibliophile or a francophile.

Errm, that's about it. Normal service will be resumed, eventually.

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