Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Post - Monday

I didn't sleep particularly well last night, with a combination of muggy weather and the anticipation of the alarm clock going at six in the morning. In the end I got up ten minutes before the alarm was due to go off and pottered around in the kitchen for a while before taking the dog out. It's starting to be sunrise time when I go out in the mornings now, so it will be getting darker now and then it's downhill all the way to the end of the year.

It feels like September at the moment with just a touch of chill in the wind and an air of overcast gloom, even though it is still technically August and the height of summer. Partly it is the poor weather and partly it is the new term feel with Alicia off to university soon and my course starting not long after that. Strange days, but perhaps we will get a late burst of Summer sunshine after the bank holiday at the weekend.

Back in the office this morning to a veritable mountain of email to plough through and issues to pick up on. We're heading towards the end of the testing cycle for the next release of our software and there is a lot to get done in the next two weeks before the customers come to have a look at it for beta testing.

It didn't take much prompting from the Colonel Bogie horn of the van for me to head downstairs for a cheese and onion pasty to set me up for the day. At least Monday is also the day for our office free fruit delivery, so I suppose that getting one of my five a day karmically balances the stodge.

We watched the final episode of Buffy last night, and although it didn't quite make me cry in the same way that it did on first viewing the final shot of Buffy and the gang looking out over the smouldering remains of Sunnydale still brought a lump to my throat. Good stuff, and well worth the investment of time in rewatching a hundred and odd hours of telly. There were some duff episodes in there, to be sure, including a lot of season 6 , but the good far out ways the bad.

Podcast of the day is Marsha Meets, with XFM presenter Marsha Shandur interviewing various comedians, the latest being the actor Kevin Eldon (better known as Norm off of the Twix adverts). This is another one worth trawling the back catalogues for old episodes, with the interview with Richard Herring being particularly interesting.

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