Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Post - Friday

It's been a strange day today, weather wise, alternating between brilliant sunshine and driving rain several times. Sunshine is winning at the moment but it's a bank holiday weekend so anything could happen, I suppose.

The last two doors for the kitchen will be fitted tomorrow, so it will be finally be done, and it has certainly been worth it. The house has a very different feel now - much tidier and cleaner, hairy animals notwithstanding. If you didn't see it on Twitter this morning, here's a 12 second guided tour:

New Kitchen on

What else?

Jamie seems to have developed an Aliens/Predator obsession recently, and I have enjoyed watching him play through the Marine campaign on Aliens vs Predator 2, anticipating the shocks. It's one of the best paced FPS games of all time, I think, particularly the first twenty minutes or so which ratchets up the tension before you even get to see an alien. I remember the first time I played it spotting a moving target on my motion tracker and unleashing a clip of ammo in a blind panic before realising that I was firing at an overhead crane swinging in the wind. I think a viewing of Aliens may be in order this weekend.

Right, it's pizza night, time for RUM and a Collings and Herrin podcast and the Snow Leopard update on my Macbook. Hurrah!

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Nancy said...

The kitchen looks great!