Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Post - Friday

I think I overdid things a little today.

I started by putting a load of washing on and then I went out to cut the grass while the sun was shining. Barney has a habit of waiting until my back is turned and then rolling on the freshly mown lawn until he is a nice shade of green, so I made sure that he was elsewhere whilst I mowed the front lawn as well as the back. Unfortunately, elsewhere included a particularly skanky dead bird that he had dragged out of the bushes onto the patio and then rolled on getting covered in blood, feathers, viscera and some loathsome maggots as well. Yuk, yuk and thrice yuk.

So, it was upstairs and into the bath for him, with double rations of shampoo until he was relatively clean. I then shut him in the bathroom to dry off and went to hang the washing out, before we headed off to the pet store to get a new basket and collar for Barney and a couple of other bits and bobs from the retail park (and also a Subway Melt for lunch, yum).

Back home, I undertook a major tidy up of Jamie's PC, cleaning out some file sharing software that he didn't know he'd installed that was running in background and stopping his game of Oblivion from starting up properly. Have I ever said how much I hate the lax security on Windows, and particularly the sticking plaster approach of Vista that prompts for permission to run everything resulting in the user just clicking 'yes' without realising what they are agreeing to. It took a while, but it seems to be running more smoothly now.

What else? Oh, yes - in TK Max they sell a huge variety of top quality tat, including some odd food items. What ingredients do you think might be included in a 'Some Like it Hot BBQ Kit'? Mustard and Herb Salt rub - check. Tomato and Onion Chutney - check. Cider and Horseradish mustard - check. Everton Mints? Really? Which barbecue have you ever been to, that included traditional English boiled sweets as an essential component?

Right, it's Friday night - time for rum, 1 Vs 100 and pizza - hurrah!


Nancy said...

Well, I sure like my barbecue minty fresh.

neil h said...

Maybe you need the mints to freshen your breath after eating all of the mustard and chutney?