Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily post - Friday

Well the big news is that Will has popped the question to Maria and she has said yes. I'm assuming that it was an proposal of marriage and not an offer of a taco from the stand that he was 20m away from when he twittered about it. Congratulations either way, I think!

Not so great was that I was awake at half past four this morning lurking on Twitter and I've felt rough for most of the day, but at least I've got a week off work to rest and recuperate. The kitchen is mostly done, bar one cupboard and a couple of electrical sockets that need moving and it looks excellent. It's made a huge difference to the feel of the house and it will be nice to be able to eat in there without shuffling chairs around.

Right, it's nearly time for 1 Vs 100 on Xbox Live, so I'm going to go and play ...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!

And yes, it was marriage rather than a taco.