Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When the going gets tough

I’m supposed to be on holiday, but I’ve already had five calls from work. I checked my emails as well, and there are already umpty-tum things piled up in my inbox. Cue a heavy sigh.

We went shopping today, in that special circle of hell that Dante mysteriously omitted from his inferno – to wit, Meadowhell. My preferred approach to the shopping experience is very much like that of the SAS – identify the target, get in and get out again with the minimum of fuss, and hopefully avoiding being shot down behind enemy lines in a Bravo Two Zero stylee. Jan is more like the US military – go in without any clear objectives and no exit strategy. She did actually give up before me today though, so we kept the entire expedition to under three hours, which has to be a result.

I’m still in two minds about buying an xbox 360. There are a couple of games I fancy – namely Viva Pinata and Test Drive Unlimited, but nothing that really screams ‘must have’ just yet. I think that Halo 3 or GTA 4 may be the things that push me over the edge. The Wii still appeals as well, but there’s only really Zelda on that at the moment. Something that integrates with the DS or Animal Crossing are the killer apps there, I think.

In other news, the British Gas service contract looks to be worth the money with our boiler making worrying noises just in time for xmas (see blog archives for details). There’s a chappy comething tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll sort it out.

Oh, and the decorations are up, so we are a XMASCON 4 now. Twinkling lights and tinsel ahoy – hurrah!

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Nancy said...

Funny shopping analogy! Hope you all have a great holiday.