Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random Thoughts


My head hurt rather a lot this morning. I got through four pints last night, as well as the best part of fifty quid including tickets, bus fares and the taxi home. It's a good job we only do this sort of night out infrequently.

After my drunken blog entry last night I got into bed around half past twelve and woke up four hours later with a mouth like the sahara. I watched the clock until six o'clock and then nursed my fragile brain back into life with a glass of cola followed by a glass of grapefruit juice and then a bracing walk in the woods.

I thought I was doing quite well to get on the road for Birmingham at half past seven and I made it all the way to roundabout at the bottom of the hill before realising that I had forgotten my contribution for the office secret santa. I did a swift u-turn, collected said gift (that I had left by the door so I wouldn't forget it) and then hit the road again having just wasted fifteen minutes. Doh!

Still, traffic on the motorway was surprisingly light and I got to the office at half past nine, just in time to get loaded up with urgent things to do before I stop for the xmas break. Oh joy.

We've still got knock on effects from the database consolidation to deal with, but on the whole things seem remarkably stable. Tescos for lunch, and I bumped into the last contracts administrator but one pushing her toddler along in a trolley. She seemed happy to have left when she did, before all of the mergers and upheavals. In fact, I think that the number of accounts staff has quadrupled or more since she was here. Interesting times.

Oh, and why is that a Tesco 'Ham and Mustard' sandwich cost £1.10 whilst a 'Just Ham' sandwich costs fifty pence more at £1.60. Does adding mustard actively reduce the value of said sarnie?

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Pam said...

A hangover on 4 pints ??