Friday, December 29, 2006

Give a little B-Spec

One of the many innovations in Gran Turismo 4 was the introduction of the B-Spec mode – an artificial intelligence driver to drive for you, whilst you decide strategy from the pits. It is, to put it succintly, ACEBEST.

It’s a little like playing a car based roleplaying game. Levelling up your car through buying tuning parts and other upgrades, earning money through winning races and buying new cars to enter different tournament classes, and then watching the races play out from the perspective of the tv cameras with some of the very best graphics seen on the venerable PS2 platform.

It’s enough to make anyone into a Clarksonesque petrol head.

The highlight of today’s play was the purchase of a second hand TVR Cerbera which me and Jamie then tweaked to perfection, ending up with a little over 400BHP in a pocket size car that just about left everything else on the grid standing. Huzzah. Even better is the photo mode where you can pose your car in front of a variety of real world land marks and take a picture rendered in high resolution and saved to a USB drive.

TVR Cerbera

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