Sunday, October 15, 2006

X-Men Crossing *or* Animal Legends

Today, I have mostly been playing video games.

I finally collected enough acorns to satisfy Cornimer’s demands and was able to put the finishing touches to my Mushroom themed front room with the elusive Forest Wall wallpaper and Forest Floor carpets. I thought I had blown my chances earlier in the week when I tried to fob him off with a rotten acorn in with all of the good ones, but fortunately I had just enough today. Phew. I think I’ll keep this theme until winter rolls around and I can start collecting the Snowman series in earnest.

After a late brunch of a sausage sarnie I was in the mood for a bit of mutant based action, so I played X Men Legends for most of the afternoon. Now my team is approaching the higher levels I am really enjoying puzzling out some of the tactical implications of combining different mutant powers together for best effect. I have been fighting sentinels attacking the X Mansion, exploring the Morlock tunnels, completing some assignments in the Danger Room, nearly getting wiped out by a tag team of Sabertooth and Avalanch and also venturing onto the astral plane to fight the Shadow King with Professor Xavier, Jean Grey and Emma Frost. Hoorah!

One of the particularly enjoyable things in the game is the amount of extra detail and trivia scattered around the mansion to explore at leisure – concept art, comic covers, character biographies and even a trivia game to earn extra experience points. At last a use for all of those comics I spent my pennies on all of those years ago!

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