Saturday, October 21, 2006

Reverse Samson

I think I'm the reverse Samson.My hair has been getting a bit long (for some values of long) recently and I've developed little fluffy bits sticking out of the sides that are distressingly grey. Well, it was long until Jan set the clippers to stun (also known as a number 2 cut) and lopped it all off.It seemed to give me a boost of energy and resolve, so I finally got around to giving the grass a trim to match my haircut. I even did the edges, raked up the leaves and then sucked them up with the garden vac. It all looks just about ready for the onslaught of leaves when the big tree at the end of the garden decides that fall has fallen.I felt I deserved a treat after that, so I had a nice cup of tea, a toffee donut, a snooze and then played poker for an hour or so, earning enough wins to unlock some new backgrounds on '42 Classic Games'. The cpu doesn't tend to bluff much, and it is rare that you can intimidate into folding, so cautious play tends to work best reserving the big bids for the times you need to win a match. Oooh, nearly time for Robin Hood - hurrah!

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