Saturday, October 28, 2006

Game On!


Just wow.

The Game On exhibition at the Science Museum in London offers a history of video games, from the original Computer Space on a DEC PDP/1 to the latest next gen games. On the way it charts the developments and trends, with a fascinating look at the Japanese games industry and the sort of game genres they have that we rarely see in the west.

This is not a dusty academic exhibition with everything in glass cases. Just about every exhibit is playable, and with timed entrance tickets you rarely have to wait for a go on something that catches your eye.

My personal highlights included Computer Space on a Vectrex console, an arcade Xevious, Pacman projected to humungous proportions on a wall, a Star Wars arcade cockpit, Steel Batallion with the full 40 button mech controller, Elite on a NES, Colossal Cave, Tempest 2000 on an Atari Jaguar, Katamari Damacy (wantage!) and dozens of others. There were also exhibits of game music, designs for GTA III and Max Payne, concept art and more.

This is an absolute must for anyone with more than a passing interest in video games as an art form. Advance booking is essential though.

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will said...


Loading Elite on the Acorn electron took so long (and was so damn noisy) that I would load it on Friday night and play until Sunday evening.

Damn, I was geek :^)