Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sinister business

Fencing tonight, and a back injury didn’t stop Rick from turning up and setting us a variety of drills using his crutches to demonstrate what we should be doing. I was working on elements of the eight position cut sequence using sabres with Anna who is a southpaw requiring some mirror reversals of the attacks to inside and outside line. It was a very useful exercise and when we had got used to the sequence we started playing with it and moving off-line in a spot of controlled, collaborative free-play. My usual attacks and stop cuts weren’t working, but with a little thought I substituted some different replies from compressions to good effect. Good fun all round.

In other news, I have a new gadget to play with – a Belkin FM Transmitter that I can plug my mp3 player into and then listen to via the car radio. Just the ticket for listening to audiobooks and it saves having to write them to cds or trying to listen via one headphone ear piece. The quality is fine, although I had to experiment to find an optimal FM frequency to use. The higher end of the range seems worse at night time with lots of bitty local stations, but there is a free point at 88.1 that is ok.

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Anonymous said...

Whos a naughty boy then?
Tut, tut. I'll be sending the big boys around to drag you off to the nearest prison cell.