Sunday, September 17, 2006

Asda Home Shopping are rubbish - FACT!

We’ve been using Tesco home shopping for a while, but we thought we’d try Asda’s service seeing as they were somewhat cheaper. Big mistake.

We booked the delivery for the 6pm – 8pm slot on Friday night and sat waiting patiently, not wanting to start our evening meal until after the shopping had arrived. It got to ten past eight, so we rang the call center (in India) who said that there were no reported delays. Half past eight and we rang again, to find out that the delivery had been sent back to the depot due to a local road being closed by a chemical spill. The depot is actually on the Sheffield parkway, which means that it is about ten minutes from our house via the motorway, but obviously the driver wasn’t prepared to deviate from his official route.

We were promised that the delivery would be rescheduled for Saturday morning, but come the next day when the van arrived there were only three boxes of our shopping to be seen – the remaining two thirds were missing. Oh terrific. We rang the depot to complain and were faithfully promised that it would be delivered in the evening. You can see where this is going can’t you?

No sign of the delivery, and no call to explain either. We rang the call center again and were told that they’d had a note saying that we’d cancelled the order. On subsequent calls the excuse changed to the driver having had a bad back  and then the problems were due to a ‘total systems failure’ – oh, really? You don’t say?

The final chance for the delivery was Sunday afternoon, and there were still missing items, not to mention that one of our bottles of wine had smashed in the crate soaking some of the tins and the frozen goods had obviously defrosted. Cue yet another call to the depot where we were told that none of the home shopping ‘colleagues’ were in the store.

What a load of rubbish! If anyone out there in blogland is thinking of using Asda home shopping, then I would advise them to avoid at all costs.


Miss Natalie said...

Can't rely on anything these days!

Pam said...

You get better offers with Tesco anyway. Better the devil you know !