Saturday, August 12, 2006

Holiday Blog Day 6

I was inside the villa getting a drink when Jan shouted to me from the pool.

Floating in the shallow end was a chameleon, about 10 cm long, paddling furiously and getting nowhere fast. We think it must have fallen in whilst trying to nab one of the dragonflies from the edge of the pool. I helped it out using the broom and moved it into the shade of the olive tree where it scuttled into the undergrowth, changing from a light tan colour to a much darker shade in the space of a few minutes becoming almost invisible in the process. You don't see things like that down at Chapeltown swimming baths ...


Chameleon in the pool

Dinner tonight was at the famous Errol's restaurant down in Ozankoy. It was quiet when we arrived but soon there was a lively mix of locals and ex-pats. There wasn't a huge selection on the menu, but all of the fish was excellent - I had the largest and juiciest swordfish steak that I have ever had, and with big bowls of salad, chips, bread and plates of appetisers we were all pleasantly stouffered. Eating under the stars with a view of the sea to one side and a honey coloured moon rising over the mountains in the other is a unique pleasure.

Bubba Ho-Tep on the dvd tonight - one of the films that I brought from home. Not as much of a comedy as I was expecting, but rather a surprisingly poignant and note perfect performance from Bruce Campbell as an elderly and infirm Elvis living in an East Texas retirement home who finally gets to play the hero battling against a mummy sucking the life from the other residents. It's like the Elvis Comeback Special crossed with an episode of Scooby Doo with a pinch of Twin Peaks and One Foot in the Grave thrown in for good measure. Well worth watching, and I think that Bubba Nosferatu looks to be a must see as well ...

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Nancy said...

Glad to hear you're having such a lovely holiday. I'm envious how you Europeans get to jet off to foreign countries for vacation when we all just go to Florida.