Thursday, August 31, 2006


Following a link from Richard Herrings I’ve set up an account at to keep tabs on what I am eating and how many calories I am burning. Once you have added all of your food intake for the day, there are lots of reports to look at to analyze your nutritional needs compared with your lifestyle.

I don’t know how long I will keep it up for, but if anyone is interested you can look at my food journal here.


creepylesbo said...

In theory I can see it's a good idea. But it could seriously add to some people's obsessive compulsive/competitive streaks and lead a lot of people down the 'guilt' dieting/exercising road if they aren't careful. If I kept tabs on it to that sort of degree I'd definitely develop serious eating disorders and over-concern about the exercise I am or am not doing and how many crisps I had or hadn't eaten. And then if I knew a friend was doing it too and was constantly going on about it - the competitiveness would probably leave me very very messed up.
Definitely one for those who have sterner willpower and self awareness than I.

Kenna said...

Oh, I did that once. Or twice. Or half a dozen times. Yeah. Me not so good with the follow through. But good luck with it!