Friday, July 14, 2006


We had a call from the bank today – apparently my credit card was used on Wednesday to buy two mobile phones and a plasma screen tv from Comet. Fortunately it showed up as an anomalous transaction and got blocked, so we are covered but its an odd feeling none the less.

I don’t use that credit card for much, other than for feeding my various addictions from and amazon – I never use it for buying anything off line and I don’t even know the pin for it, so its a bit of a worrying mystery as to where these thieving cyber pikeys got my number from. I’ve cut the card up to return it to the credit card company and hopefully they’ll get me a new one out before too long.

In other news, my brain age has gone up slightly from 36 to 38, I’ve caught a puffer fish and a snail but I missed out on one of those big moth type thingys that lurk on the trees near the beach – again. Oh, and I’ve got a genuine Nice painting off of Crazy Redd – hoo rah!


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