Monday, January 03, 2005

Live in Leeds

The last day of my Christmas hols and time for a day out in Leeds. As is our wont, we parked at the Royal Armouries car park and I took the kids for a mooch around the museum whilst Mrs Dogwood went to hit the sales (although what the sales had ever done to her, I don't know).

The highlight of the day was the demonstration of Elizabethan swordplay using scenes from Romeo and Juliet as an illustration. The two interpreters put on a good show of backsword, buckler, main gauche and transitional rapier although it was fairly obviously stage combat rather than any particular techniques from the treatises of Silver and Saviolo. More interesting was the chance to chat to one of them afterwards and have a go with one of the rapiers (pointy and sharp ... mmmm).

After a quick (and expensive) sandwich in the restaurent we walked into town for a quick look at the shops. Travelling Man was out of the D&D miniatures that I had been looking for, but Master Dogwood found a game for his gamecube in the Gamestation sale, Ms Dogwood picked up a historical romance from an author she likes and Mrs Dogwood was happy with a new Radley bag and some tops.

All in all, a grand day out.

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