Monday, April 01, 2024

Snuffkin : Melody of Moominvalley

I've loved the Moomin stories of Tove Jansson ever since I was gifted a copy of Comet in Moominland by a Finnish friend of my mum's when I was small. Every now and then I return to the stories, or watch the animated series, and I never fail to be delighted by them.

This game is a wonderful evocation of Moominvalley, where you play as Snuffkin the wanderer, searching for his missing pal Moomintroll. The gameplay is fairly simple - exploring Moominvalley's caves and islands, a bit of light puzzle solving using the different musical instruments that you pick up along the way and stealthily avoiding policemen as you remove pesky signs from the park that the Hemulen park keeper has placed to forbid all fun. There's even a chase where you run away from the terrible Groke, but there is nothing too difficult here. 

The joy of this game is in the art which captures the feel of Jansson's iconic illustrations and the music, a delightful ambient soundtrack produced in collaboration with Sigur Ros. The soundtrack is also available on iTunes and is a very relaxing listen.

I played this on Switch and it's also available for PC on Steam. Highly recommended!

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